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Besides its distinct smell that is unmistakable, face bleach has a lot of doubts and confusion surrounding it. The list of claimed face bleach benefits include removal of tan, pigmentation, even blackheads and acne, pore cleansing, and oil control. But how many of these are true, How many face bleach benefits are fact, is something few women really know. 


This post will give you answers to:


How does face bleach work?

Is face bleach good for you?

What are the real face bleach benefits?

How to make a natural face bleach at home?

Which are the top 7 face bleach creams in India (with a price table!)?

How Does Face Bleach Work?

Face bleach is a purely chemical substance, its chief component being hydrogen peroxide, which is the bleaching agent. The hydrogen peroxide lightens your facial hair, and makes your face appear brighter, fairer. Face bleach does not lighten your skin.

Face Bleach Benefit #1 – It makes your face look brighter, instantly


The chemicals in face bleach creams lighten your facial hair to a light golden hue  in 10 minutes, giving your face an instant glow.


Face Bleach Benefit #2 – It saves you the pain of threading


You can hide dark unwanted facial hair without undergoing the painful process of of threading your face.

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